service terms and conditions

1. Terms and definitions

In order to make the present rules (hereinafter referred as ‘the rules’) unambiguous and fully understandable for every user of the system, the terms and definitions applicable to the rules and all services of software complex belonging to cashback service have been set out below. – a service which partially refunds purchases made at online stores offered by the service.

Cashback – partial pecuniary refund of the purchase amount paid at online stores.

Administration – a group of people employed by the company owning service.

The Administration is authorized to perform any actions in respect to the partner accounts subject to the present Rules.

Partner – a natural person registered within

Partner's account – or “Account” - all services and functions of service which become available to a partner upon completion of the registration on the website.

Web-master's account – an account registered within the service.

Referral link – a tool used to attract new Partners to allowing to receive a reward for newly attracted customers who joined the cashback service.

Partner’s balance – partner's account within the service which reflects the received cashback and its current status.

Partner's current account – personal account of a partner where cashback is withdrawn from the Balance to.

Fictitious activity – any fraudulent action resulting in illicit receiving of the cashback.

2. General Provisions

  1. Present rules are the main document which governs the activity of the partners within the service.
  2. The acceptance of the rules is a mandatory and essential requirement for the registration and further activity of the Partners within the service.
  3. The latest amendments to rules shall be valid for all partners regardless of what version of the rules have been accepted in the course of registration.
  4. All information received by the partners from the Administration of the service during their activity (including the information on the work pattern used by online stores, rate applied to the items, etc.) is strictly confidential and can be used only by a user themselves during their work with the platform. Making this information accessible online and any other attempts of making it public shall be a sufficient ground for blocking an account.

3. Registration and disconnection of Partner accounts

  1. Competent individual beings of at least 16 years of age are allowed to be registered within the service as a partner.
  2. In the course of filling out the registration form the applicant shall fill all mandatory fields indicating true and up-to-date information, including contact E-mail.
  3. Contact E-mail is subject to mandatory verification which is performed at the second and third stages of the registration. The partner can skip the stages which involve this verification. However, they won't be able to withdraw money from their account until the verification is complete.
  4. For security reasons, in the event if within 10 days the Administration is unable to contact a partner via contact details indicated during the registration process, the payment due might be suspended. Users are responsible for keeping their contact details up-to-date should they renew them.
  5. Administration of the cashback service can reject registration of a new partner without explaining the reasons which caused this rejection.
  6. Repeated registration of the same person as a partner of the is prohibited. Should two or more accounts be identified as created, belonging or used as a means of work or generating income for a single person, the Administration shall have the right to block all such accounts and forward all money from the partner's accounts to the accounts belonging to the service.
  7. A natural person who has a web-master account shall have the right to register only one partner account within the service.
  8. A natural person must not register their own partner account and partner accounts belonging to their relatives using personal referral link (regardless of whether it is a webmaster account referral link or a service partner referral link).
  9. Administration of the cashback service can at any moment temporarily block/deactivate partner account without explaining the reasons of doing so and:
    • should partner account disconnection be initiated by the Administration when it was not caused by the breach of the present Rules by the Partner, all money due to the Partner shall be paid in full;
    • should Partner account be disconnected due to the breach of the present Rules, money deposited on the current, personal and holding accounts of the partner shall be transferred in full to the service.
  10. Attracting traffic from contextual advertising networks (including Yandex, Direct, Google, AdWords, and Begun) using advertising containing the name of a brand or an advertiser, or a certain offer and full or partial name of advertising network shall be prohibited. Brand queries shall be added to the list of minus words.

4. Payment and settlement

  1. All cashback for a completed order is instantly reflected in the partner Balance as “New” (“In progress”, “Expected earnings”).
  2. Should the Partner receive an order successfully they shall indicate it on the store's website (if such option is available on the website).
  3. Upon confirmation of receiving an order by the user or upon the expiration of the confirmation deadline (up to 90 days), the amount of cashback for the orders received by the Partner is reflected in the partner Balance as “Available for withdrawal” (“Bought out”).
  4. If the Partner cancels an order on the store's website which was reflected in the Partner Balance as “In progress”, the amount of cashback for the cancelled order is reflected in the Partner Balance as “Cancelled”.
  5. Payment to the current account of a Partner is made only from the Balance displaying “Available for withdrawal” status.
  6. In order to receive the payment amount to their current account, the Partner shall indicate their current account details in their partner account and request payment to their current account.
  7. The payment is made only to the current accounts which were indicated by the Partner on their partner account. The Administration shall not be responsible for the correctness of the current account details indicated by the Partner.
  8. After successful completion of the payment to the Partner account the amount paid is debited from the Balance displaying “Available for withdrawal”.
  9. Periodical activity quality inspection is performed every three months. Basing on the inspection results:
    • Cashback for suspicious activity which requires additional check by the advertiser is reflected in the Balance in partner's operation;
    • Cashback generated by fictitious activity and forwarded to the partner Balance shall be returned to the accounts belonging to the Advertisers.
  10. We can guarantee payment of the cashback only if you are consistent with the following conditions:
    • All previously saved cookies of other add-ons have been deleted from your device prior to using the service.
    • Plug-ins of other cashback services must not be installed on your device.
    • In order to make a purchase you should head over to the store's website using the website of our cashback only or via the service plugin.
    • No other bonus or coupon schemes have been used while placing an order.
    • Foreign extensions blocking the transmission of the data such as Adblock and similar have been activated while placing an order.
    • The order was placed when the privacy mode of the browser was inactive.

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