An attractive partner program: Get your commission from the purchases made by your friends

They buy you earn!

How does it work? partner program is a mutually beneficial system. Tell your friends about cashback service and give them your personal partner link. You will receive 50% from the cashback amount generated by every customer you attracted!

A reward from every purchase.

You will be receiving a reward from every purchase made by your friends through service. This will not affect your friend's personal cashback!

Endless bonus

We will be paying you a reward regularly without any restrictions. Over a long period of time you can amass a decent amount; therefore, you're encouraged to attract people who are active online buyers.

We work throughout the globe

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Ukraine
  • Turkey
  • Georgia
  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kazakhstan
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Australia
  • China
  • Russia

Your fast and reliable cashback service

High rate

Your favourite stores are our direct partners. Therefore, we offer a high rate of cashback which can be up to 20%! It's a great saving!

Money withdrawal in a single click

We process cashback maximally fast! It means that you can get your money fast and easily withdraw it from the system using any option convenient for you. – a cashback service understandable for anyone! Save on purchases at your favourite stores with us!


  • What is cashback?
    It literally means getting your cash back. It's the part of the money you pay making a purchase (usually denoted as a percentage) which a store refunds the buyer as a reward for selecting their particular store. Cashback is paid in US Dollars (Brazilian Reals/EURO/currency accepted by a store). It is not some reward points or other units. It's real money which can be withdrawn or reused for further online purchases. It should also be noted that if a store cooperates with a cashback service it does not mean that it artificially increases the price to the sum of the refund. You buy an item at the price paid by any other buyer who does not use cashback.
  • Why do stores pay you a cashback?
    Cashback service is a simple and transparent system which all three parties can benefit from. Cashback service is attractive to the buyers thanks to the opportunity to save on purchases at various stores. A store pays cashback service for the customers the service attracted and the service shares this amount with the buyer. Hence, the buyer enjoys a discount, cashback service gets the money, and the shop sells its stock. This makes cashback a win-win business!
  • How to buy using cashback?
    First, you need to sign up to cashback service. It won't take long! After logging into your personal account, head over to the “Stores” bookmark and select the store where you want to buy something. Click on it and go to the online store website, make a purchase, pay for it using any available option. It does not affect your eligibility to receive cashback. You will see the amount of cashback in your account within 30 minutes. It will become available for withdrawal shortly.

    Please note that the following conditions have to be observed to be sure that you get your cashback:

    1. Prior to using cashback service you have to delete all previously saved cookies of other add-ons.
    2. There must be no plug-ins of other cashback services installed on your device.
    3. In order to make a purchase, you have to head over to the store website only using website or a plug-in which has already been installed.

  • How to make sure that the store will pay you a cashback?
    There are two options allowing you to identify whether an online store is a partner of the cashback system. Option one – log into your personal account, select bookmark “Stores” and check if the store is there. Option two is handier. Install an extension for your browser. It will be seen in the corner of the address bar. Every time you go to the website of any online store the extension window will pop up showing you whether you will be able to get a cashback or not.
  • How much money will I get back?
    Usually, every store sets the rate of cash back at its own discretion. Sometimes the percentage can vary depending on the purchase amount or the group of items selected for purchase. Averagely, stores offer a cashback ranging from 3% to 18%.
  • Is cashback service safe?
    Many users are concerned about the safety of using cashback service as it's basically an intermediary between customers and an online store. We want to reassure that is completely safe because we do not ask customers to give us the details of their bankcards and bank accounts they use to make online purchases and we do not store this data. We process only the data which you indicate to withdraw your funds from the system. If you don't want to use bankcards and electronic purses you can use the money to recharge your mobile phone plan.

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